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Our Responsible Business

We do business responsibly in relation to ethics, professional standards and risk management. Simply stated, our Responsible Business standards are

Continuous Improvement on a Daily Basis

At Oberman, we work diligently to streamline and improve upon, with no compromise on quality, our Continuous Improvement process. (more…)

Employment Law & Benefits Advisory Services

Since a wide range of workforce matters can impact a company’s ability to attract and retain talent, or can damage

4 Major California Employment Law Changes for 2023

Pay transparency SB 1162 takes effect January 1, 2023, and requires employers with 15 or more employees to provide pay

EEO – New Posters

The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has released an FAQ guidance to accompany its newly revamped “Know Your Rights” poster,

Employee Policy – National Labor Relations Board Update

In a memo dated October 31, 2022, National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) General Counsel Jennifer Abruzzo announced her intention to

Oberman Law Firm – Our Policies, Principles and Expectations

We have put in place a number of policies that set clear expectations of what our stakeholders can expect from

Oberman Law Firm’s Technology Advisory Services

As a Firm, we combine our Legal and Regulatory capabilities in order to create an integrated, holistic approach to our

Innovation is Action, Our People, Processes and Investment

At Oberman, our results are proven by what we do, not what we say. Our goal is to evaluate how

Oberman Law Firm’s Intellectual Property Law Advisory Services

IP is a critical business asset that can significantly increase corporate value. (more…)