Oberman Law Firm


Continuous Improvement On a Daily Basis

At Oberman Law Firm, we work diligently to streamline and improve upon, with no compromise on quality, our Continuous Improvement process. Our Continuous Improvement is based on the principles of ‘lean’ and ‘six sigma’, which recognizes that continuous improvement will make legal work more efficient.

So how does it work?

We begin by identifying the areas that need attention, expense or speed.

We constantly collect data in order to establish a baseline from which to measure progress. Next, we review our internal process, share viewpoints and identify areas that need continuous improvement. Our review process involves the application of technology and automation in order to streamline tasks, or make changes to the way that our attorneys, client and support staff work together in a collaborative manner.

Key benefits of our Continuous Improvement

We add exceptional value in order to enable our attorneys to concentrate on the most complex challenges that our clients face. With the implementation of our continuous review process, our attorneys can work more efficiently and, with the support of other internal professionals, deliver outstanding client service.

The deep internal collaborative approach is at the heart of our Continuous Improvement, which helps our clients to identify and eliminate any inefficiencies within their own processes.

Continuous Improvement in action

By bringing all parties together, our internal Continuous Improvement professionals are able to identify inefficiencies and execute the changes that are needed.

Taking the next step

In the trenches of the business environment, only the most efficient survive. As a result, Continuous Improvement offers our clients the opportunity to not only be cost-effective but also prepare for the future.