About Us

The Oberman Law Firm is dedicated to making positive, lasting change in our communities. We understand that the combination of community leadership, volunteerism and pro bono can create a significant ripple effect in the communities in which we work and live. Together, these elements allow us to produce positive changes in our communities.


Our continuing commitment to client service is what ties us together. We have entered an era in which preferred service is defined in terms that go beyond quality, efficiency, and price. Although the escalating cost of legal services is a very real concern, clients are increasingly looking for demonstrated legal skills that are accompanied by thorough knowledge and understanding of their businesses, industries, and related academic, technical, and commercial disciplines.

Our objective is to develop an unparalleled sensitivity to our clients’ objectives and an exhaustive understanding of the economic issues, industry trends, and client concerns implicated by the problems, transactions, and controversies brought to our attention. We believe that such an awareness contributes to more creative solutions to our clients’ problems and, when applied to project planning, provides a measurable value-added dimension to our services.


We share with our clients common concerns about issues relating to cost, efficiency, and value. Management of specific projects is not only a fact of life for most corporations in managing their own affairs, but it also is a basic and valid means of managing legal expenses.

We believe that practice management is the key to the efficient delivery of legal services and that such an approach demands a sophisticated level of experience, flexibility, open communication, mutual respect, and support between a client and their attorney. We also believe that the proper focus on evaluating the cost of legal services is the total cost for any given matter from outset to conclusion.

While billing rates and practices can be compared from one firm to another, they really say very little about any firm’s approach to the delivery of legal services or its efficiency in achieving client objectives. Effective and sustained practice management, driven by clear and realistic understanding of client objectives and tolerance for risk in any given situation is, in our view, the best way to contain legal expenses.


Given our interest in practice management and our continuing efforts to improve our efficiency in the handling of all matters, we have continued the longstanding practice of charging our clients on the basis of traditional hourly billing of time incurred to complete a given assignment. We recognize, however, the interest of many clients in alternatives to hourly billing, and we have worked with clients in a variety of situations to achieve fair and effective alternative billing arrangements that are appropriate to particular circumstances.

Carefully tailored billing arrangements can, in some instances, contribute to the client-Firm relationship and can be useful in developing a shared view of objectives and priorities. To be successful, however, these arrangements require a mutual understanding about levels of service and careful management of both client and Firm resources.