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We have put in place a number of policies that set clear expectations of what our stakeholders can expect from us in relation to diversity, dignity, and inclusion.

We work carefully to ensure that the principles at the heart of these policies are integrated into all aspects of how we manage our business.

Diversity, dignity, and inclusiveness

We recognize that as a Firm operating in many jurisdictions, we need to take into account local law and standards.

We believe that being an equal opportunity Firm means going beyond mere compliance with anti-discrimination policies.

We believe that promoting diversity means creating an inclusive work environment where everyone has the opportunity to succeed without obstacles based on their gender, gender identity and expression, marital and civil partnership status, race, color, national or ethnic origin, social or economic background, disability, religious belief, sexual orientation, age or any other basis prohibited under applicable law.

We recognize that people from varying backgrounds can bring a full range of worthwhile ideas and innovations to our working practices and business. Encouraging everyone at the Firm to respect the individuality of their colleagues and to feel comfortable in making their own contributions is a fundamental aspect of our values and critical to our business success.

Our Equal Opportunities policy applies to recruitment and selection, terms and conditions of employment, including pay, promotion, training, transfers, and our approach to every other aspect of employment. We aim to ensure that individuals are selected, promoted, and treated on the basis of their individual abilities and merits and the needs of the Firm.

We support our employees with a broad range of policies, practices, and procedures which aim to recognize individual contribution and performance, develop each individual’s capability and give everyone an equal opportunity to use their talent and fulfill their potential.

Equality of opportunity, fairness, trust, acceptance of differences, and the rights of individuals, including the right to work in an atmosphere free from discrimination and prejudice, are important principles of the Firm; our ‘Community’ value, in particular, emphasizes the importance the Firm places on inclusiveness and meritocracy and aims to provide an environment where all individuals are treated with respect and dignity. We consider that everyone has a responsibility to see that our policy is applied across all levels of the Firm and in everything that we do.