Oberman Law Firm



To achieve our vision of being local, national, and global, we must be fully committed to the highest professional and ethical standards, and nurture a culture characterized by integrity, responsibility, accountability, and inclusivity.

The core principles of our culture are set out in our values-based Code of Conduct, which defines our expectations of everyone working in our Firm and acts as a guide for our behavior toward each other, our clients, and all our external stakeholders.

Our Code of Conduct is an expression of what it looks like to live our values:

  • Act with integrity
    Act with integrity and play by the rules
  • Be inclusive
    Be inclusive and respectful and do not discriminate, bully, harass or victimize others
  • Embrace challenge
    Embrace challenge, be open to change, and together strive for excellence
  • Speak up
    Speak up and call out unacceptable conduct
  • Act responsibly
    Act responsibly and actively contribute to beneficially serve the wider communities