Oberman Law Firm



As a leading law firm, we combine our national presence and well-balanced approach to the practice of law, which allows us to be positioned to offer seamless expertise and guidance to our clients.

We are truly integrated across our offices which allows us to be able to act as one network rather than a series of individual firms operating under one name. Our practice is built so that we can work cross-border and cross-practice. We provide services for many multinational clients with complex, high-value legal matters and provide integrated services across the full legal spectrum.

Often, we are involved in groundbreaking deals where our attorneys are asked to innovate; to create the right framework in order to achieve the best result; to apply their knowledge and business sense to provide robust, commercial solutions.

A common thread that runs through all of our practice areas is a no-nonsense, can-do culture. Partners are hands-on with their work and newly qualified lawyers are expected to demonstrate leadership behavior from a very early stage. Our business service teams are crucial to helping our attorneys deliver extraordinary services to our clients. Every single person is critical to the success of the team. The quality of our people helps us to deliver the best for our clients, and this is a key reason why clients come back to us.

Our work is based on a thorough understanding of our clients’ immediate business objectives and long-term strategy, their industry sector, their products or services, and the commercial reality of the markets in which they operate.

Our experience has taught us how to work efficiently on complex projects and ensure that we use our resources and our clients’ time, as effectively as possible.

We work closely with our clients, in order to address the challenges and conflicts that they face, being innovative in the solutions proposed, advising on front-page deals, and contributing, when necessary, cross-border service.

Everyone at Oberman Law Firm plays a part in helping the firm deliver consistently outstanding services. We work together in the truest sense, through trust, mutual support, openness, informality, and respect for each other.