Oberman Law Firm



At Oberman Law Firm, we embrace a learning culture, where individuals are supported in their pursuit of opportunities for their professional and personal development. Oberman University provides training for all of our firm members.

Oberman University offers a wide range of training to its attorneys and team members for all levels of experience. We are focused on aligning our learning and development programs with our vision and strategy. This means regularly reviewing the full suite of programs currently provided, including technical, commercial and soft skills development to ensure they support the firm’s priorities.

We help our firm members develop consistently excellent legal, business and commercial skills, which will assist us as a firm in meeting our goals. Our courses are highly interactive and practical, delivered by expert trainers and specifically tailored to Oberman Law Firm.

We attach great importance to high-quality technical training for our lawyers, but our legal perspectives must align with a sharp business focus, which involves developing a strong understanding of our clients’ environment in order to ensure that we have programs that support client relationship-building, business development, management and sector focus workshops.