Oberman Law Firm



As a Firm, we do not operate in isolation. Our strategic decision-making is by the expectations of our clients, our community, our employees, and stakeholders.

The most important issue for all of our stakeholders, internal and external, is the Firms integrity in how we operate our core business: how we service and manage our client relationships, our processes for managing risk, and the ethical standards to which we hold ourselves as an organization. These are critical to our reputation.

Inclusion, diversity, and people development are valued highly by our stakeholders. We continue to prioritize these issues, alongside the physical and mental well-being of our Teams.

Our people value the contribution they can personally make to supporting their communities.

Alongside these priorities, our stakeholders expect us to set high standards for managing our impact.

Underlying all of these considerations, from risk management to community engagement, our stakeholders tell us that our Firm strategy in its entirety should be aligned to our overarching vision and strategy.

We aim to maintain an ongoing dialogue with our stakeholders, as well as gather more formal feedback at intervals, to ensure that we understand what our stakeholders regard as the key issues facing them.