Oberman Law Firm


Legal Technology

What is Legal Technology?

Technology directly impacts how we as a firm deliver legal services, now and in the future. There is potential to not only save time and cost, but also deliver extraordinary outcomes and direct competitive advantage.

Our direct approach to digital transformation extends across three (3) variations:

Today: Collaboration with clients to deliver a better outcome.

Tomorrow: Create technology solutions to deliver services in different and innovative ways.

Beyond: We build our internal capabilities to address technology challenges in the industry, and explore emerging technology that is acceptable to our legal services.

So how does it work?

We include legal technology advisors, IT professionals, and our lawyers to understand your specific needs, as well as utilize the best technology solutions in order to improve client service and compliance.

We collaborate with our clients faster and with greater transparency so that our attorneys can achieve optimal efficiency.

Key Client Benefits

We help our clients complete projects faster and with improved risk management by optimizing workflows and processes, as well as utilizing automation and analytics.

We reduce costs by combining technology with lower-cost resourcing in order to improve our internal efficiency. We also increase confidence by taking care of compliance and security, as well as applying our knowledge to guide our clients through the technology process.

Legal Technology in action

We combine the technologies and methodologies to deliver the best outcomes now and in the future for our clients.