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Overview of Pregnancy Accommodations

Are you an employer who needs to accommodate a pregnant employee? Then this episode of Advisory Insights is for you! (more…)

HR Audit Checklist

Oberman Law’s Stuart Oberman discussed the importance of compliance with wage and hour laws on this episode of Advisory Insights. (more…)

Plan Ahead! HR National Legislative Update

Massachusetts is about to become the 18th state in the country to ban discrimination based on hairstyle. (more…)

Employee Marijuana Usage

If you’re an employer, this episode of Advisory Insights is a must listen. Stuart discussed the topic of employee marijuana usage and

Interview Questions to Avoid

Don’t know what questions you can and can’t ask during an interview? Stuart Oberman has the answers! In this episode

New Laws and Regulatory Changes

On this edition of “Advisory Insights,” Stuart Oberman discussed new laws and regulatory changes which could affect your employment practices.

Harassment in the Workplace

Harassment in the workplace, says Oberman Law Firm founder Stuart Oberman, is an enormous problem, from the largest to the

Overview of Potential HR Employer Violations

On this episode of Advisory Insights, Stuart Oberman gave an overview of potential HR employer violations he’s seeing with clients. Several

Introduction to the Advisory Insights Podcast

In this introductory episode of the Advisory Insights Podcast, Stuart Oberman welcomed listeners to this new podcast featuring legal, business, HR, and

Stuart Oberman, Oberman Law Firm and the Advisory Insights Podcast

Over the past year, Oberman Law Firm has grown significantly, adding attorneys with various areas of expertise which extend well