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HR Compliance Checkup

The great resignation in today’s economy is transforming HR like never before. Since employee resignations are at an all-time high,

What to Expect Regarding Pregnancy Accommodations

HR professionals frequently have questions about how to handle accommodation requests from employees that are pregnant. There are specific federal

HR Audit Checklist

In today’s business world, whether a business is a small start up or a multinational company, a Human Resources (HR)

Material Risks in a Healthcare Merger & Acquisition

Since the industry healthcare is a highly regulated industry, due diligence in a healthcare acquisition should never be overlooked or

The Importance of Reps and Warranties in a Healthcare Transaction

The importance of representations and warranties (R&W’s) in a healthcare transaction is often overlooked. The healthcare industry is a highly

Proposed Overtime Rule Expected Soon

With the publication of a proposed overtime rule expected very soon, employers must be ready for the change, which includes

Companies Are Changing Bereavement Policies in Response to Employee Needs

As employers continue to review their post-Covid-19 policies and procedures, companies are changing bereavement policies in response to employee needs.

Tips for Navigating Worker Classifications

DOL Fact Sheet #13 lists factors that distinguish independent contractors from employees under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), including

HR Audit Checklist

In 2022, HR compliance is not longer an option. With the government on a federal and state level [EEOC, OCR,

2022 HR Compliance Calendar

2022 is off and running. Below are some critical dates that every employer should be aware of. All employers should