What to Consider When Performing a Cyber Security Assessment

A cyber security assessment of your dental practice is much more than a review of your practice software. It’s vital to analyze both technical and non-technical components of your practice on each of the three pillars of cyber security: people, policies, and technology. These sorts of assessments similar to pentesting (or a penetration test) are important, as they check the security of any computer. With confidential data stored, this is something that has to be kept safe and away from unwanted visitors.
Here are some important things to consider.
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Dental Records: Documentation and Maintenance

Patient dental records are critical in documenting a patient’s care and treatment. The information contained in patient charts should be maintained in an organized, standardized fashion with clear, complete entries. Dental records must be maintained on a concurrent basis immediately after care is provided, results are obtained and reviewed, or communication with the patient is done either in person or via telephone.

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