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SHRM-Atlanta | Legal Update presented by Oberman Law Firm

June 1, 2023

The Changing Landscape of HR: The Legal Challenges

The Program will provide an overview regarding a wide range of HR matters that every employer must be aware of in 2023. Since the legal landscape is changing dramatically on a local and national level, the Program will address: (1) why every employer, whether small or large, must have anti-harassment policies and procedures in place; (2) why an employee offer letter must be carefully drafted; (3) continued EEOC guidance (and confusion) regarding pregnancy accommodations; (4) an overview of prohibited questions that an employer should never ask a candidate during a job interview; and (5) national HR trends that all employers must be aware of.

Learning Objectives:

Employer Harassment Policies and Procedure
1. The explosion of harassments claims being filed with the EEOC
2. Policy and procedures that every employer must have in place
3. A review of prohibited employer retaliation claims – employers beware

Employee Offer Letters-Careful
1. The basic elements of an employee offer letter that employers need to know
2. How to avoid an offer letter becoming an employee contract
3. When offer letters should be sent to a potential candidate

Pregnancy Accommodations – What Every Employer Needs To Know
1. Policy and procedures employers must have in place
2. The ever-changing legal landscape regarding employee pregnancy accommodations
3. Overview of general and reasonable accommodations

Interview Questions
1. How to conduct interviews with potential employees
2. Questions employers should never ask a potential employee during the interview process

HR Trends To Watch In 2023
1. Confidential employer settlements are under attack (Non-Disclosure Agreements for sexual harassment)
2. The growing restrictions regarding non-compete agreements
3. Drug testing and privacy concerns


1 SHRM PDC & 1 HRCI CEU credit available

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