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Tips to Reduce Worker’s Compensation Expenses

The following tips help practice owners reduce worker’s compensation expenses in their practices: Maintain a written safety policy. Have ongoing

Top 10 Practice Management Risk Areas

Review these 10 areas to decrease potential risks in your practice: 1. Do you have efficient check-in and check-out procedures,

Risk Management

Below is a list of items that every practice owner should be aware of. 1. Prepare a new comprehensive employee

What Qualifies as Extra Label Drug Use

Q: How do I know what qualifies as ELDU? A: Specific criteria must be followed: A valid VCPR is a prerequisite

Labor Law Update for Dentists

As of April 30, 2012, most private sector employers will be required to post a notice advising employees of their

Social Media and the Dental Practice

The online world is growing. Facebook now boasts a “population” larger than the United States. Thousands of dentists are currently

Protecting the Value of Your Practice:
 Non-Compete and Trade Secret Agreements

Practice owners are often concerned about how to best protect their patient base when an associate leaves the practice. There are

Five Potential Legal Risks Associated with Groupon

With the explosion of social media and online marketing, members of the dental community must be aware of the risks

Oral Cancer: Risk Management Considerations

Due to the increasing public concern regarding oral cancer, it is important for dentists to be aware of proper patient