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Evaluating Your M&A

As you navigate an M&A transaction, whether you need simple or complex guidance, our attorneys are here to guide you through the process. Our M&A team has the right strategy and the right solutions.

Strategic business opportunities are important for any business. Your transaction may involve a major acquisition, merger, divestment, or a joint venture. It may also be a smaller but strategically important investment or partnership. At Oberman Law Firm, we have the multi-disciplinary expertise and market know-how to guide you through every aspect of your M&A transition, from beginning to end.

We provide strategic, legal, regulatory and sector advice, wherever and whenever you need it. Increasingly, many M&A deals now involve cross-border transactions with different regulatory and legal jurisdictions, which adds additional complexity to the transaction. Our team of attorneys will help you navigate this complexity and provide you with a best-in-class, tailored M&A deal experience.

Our multi-disciplinary attorneys will work together, and seamlessly deploy market-leading technology solutions in order to ensure that you have what you need, when you need it. We take a holistic approach in order to determine what is possible and what is not. We value our client relationships above all else, and we will work hand in hand with you in order to ensure that you have the support that you need, when you need it, throughout the entire process.

How Oberman Law Firm will help you at all stages of the M&A cycle

Evaluating your M&A transaction

We will help you to assess the feasibility of your proposed transaction, as well as recognize the commercial backdrop, along with reputational considerations. We understand the dynamics of an M&A transaction on a national basis, as well as industry trends and market developments.

Structuring and diligence

As you move forward with your M&A transaction, our cross-practice team will assist you with tax considerations and ownership structures. Our integrated cross-border practice team will work hand-in-hand with you in order to structure your transaction so that you achieve maximum results.

We will conduct due diligence on target businesses, focusing on identifying red flags and reporting on areas of concern that are most relevant to your transaction.

Negotiating an M&A transaction nationally

Our core M&A expertise is in drafting and negotiating your deal documentation. We will provide comprehensive advice on a local, regional and national basis. On M&A and joint ventures, we will document the deal and negotiate hard on your behalf.  As with any M&A transaction, simple or complex, we regularly draw on our broad team of experts to ensure a successful transaction.

Industry regulation

Our cross-border regulatory team will guide you through the increasingly complex competition landscape, from initial analysis to detailed deal requirements. Our M&A team also has its finger on the pulse of the evolving deal landscape, which includes risk analysis trends, as well as new regulatory thresholds.

We will advise or lead negotiations with industry and regulatory bodies, utilizing our deep sector experience and knowledge.

Integration, restructuring and support

To ensure a smooth transition, we will help you integrate operational matters post-M&A (such as risk management, compliance, and technology). We will also help you implement any post-completion corporate re-organization structures as may be required by the nature and scope of the transaction.


About Us

Oberman Law Firm represents clients in a wide range of practice areas, including private equity, M&A, healthcare, corporate transactions, intellectual property, data privacy and security, regulatory compliance and governance, cross-border transactions, labor and employment, construction law, litigation, private clients’ services, corporate restructuring, and white-collar and governmental disputes.

As a firm, we offer the highest quality legal advice coupled with extraordinary and tailored service to deliver exceptional results to our clients. Our philosophy is to invest deeply in the brightest legal talent and build dynamic teams that operate at the pinnacle of respective practice areas. We believe in empowering our attorneys, encouraging entrepreneurialism, operating ethically and with integrity, and collaborating to bring the very best to every client engagement. These principles have guided us in building extraordinary and successful long-term partnerships with our clients.

Stuart J. Oberman is the founder and President of Oberman Law Firm. Mr. Oberman graduated from Urbana University and received his law degree from John Marshall Law School. Mr. Oberman has been practicing law for over 30 years, and before going into private practice, Mr. Oberman was in-house counsel for a Fortune 500 Company. <strong><a href="https://obermanlaw.com/people/stuart-j-oberman/"><span style="color: #0059b8;">Read More =></span></a></strong>