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The pace of Artificial Intelligence [AI] is growing at an exponential rate. While many of the underlying technologies have existed for some time, interest and the expansion of AI will only increase in the foreseeable future.

The growing use of Artificial Intelligence presents a wide range of legal challenges regarding regulatory compliance. Our Artificial Intelligence Practice brings together experience attorneys throughout Oberman Law Firm, collectively, who are well-positioned to assist our clients in identifying, addressing, and responding to the automation challenges of AI on a daily basis.

Oberman Law Firm’s AI Practice is made up of attorneys from across specific practice areas, such as Data Privacy, Labor & Employment, and Regulatory and Compliance. Our AI Practice provides guidance to companies that are currently utilizing AI technologies, as well as to companies that want to deploy and implement AI automation.

Oberman Law Firm attorneys are at the forefront of the changes of AI. As part of our AI practice, we:

  • Advise and provide strategic guidance to companies regarding the development, deployment, and go-to-market strategy for AI.
  • Advise companies on the legal and ethical policies and procedures in the application of their AI products, systems, and services.
  • Advised companies on the regulatory, compliance, and legal considerations associated with the deployment of cutting-edge AI tools, including such areas as employment law, recruiting, interaction with customers and users, and the automation of industrial processes.