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Patient Record Release Authorization Elements

Many patient record release forms do not follow the strict guidelines required for HIPAA compliance. Dentists using these forms face

Top 10 Practice Management Risk Areas

Review these 10 areas to decrease potential risks in your practice: 1. Do you have efficient check-in and check-out procedures,

Documentation – The Top 5 Ways to Avoid Malpractice Claims

Follow these 5 documentation tips to avoid future malpractice allegations: Always maintain thorough and detailed records of care, patient communication,

5 Tips for Handling Patient Complaints

Follow these five tips to successfully address patient complaints. Identify one individual as the primary person to handle complaints. Conduct

Is Your Practice Prepared for 2018?

As we move into 2018, now is the critical time to start planning for the year. Some of the most

Employee Interviewing Dos and Don’ts

There are numerous state and federal anti-discrimination laws designed to assure that employers hire based upon skill, rather than stereotypes.

Risk Management

Below is a list of items that every practice owner should be aware of. 1. Prepare a new comprehensive employee

Anti-Kickback Laws

The Anti-Kickback Statute and Stark Law are Federal laws that prohibit someone from knowingly or willfully offering, paying, or receiving

Preventing Embezzlement

There are many opportunities for employee embezzlement to occur in a business or practice. There are, however, certain steps you


Informed consent is critical to clear and comprehensive patient communication. Patients should be well informed on the results of examinations,