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Tips for Navigating Worker Classifications

DOL Fact Sheet #13 lists factors that distinguish independent contractors from employees under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), including the degree of initiative and judgment exercised by the contractor, and whether the contractor has an independent business organization and operation.

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House Passes Cannabis Law as Support for Legalization Grows

A federal bill that would decriminalize cannabis use has been approved by the U.S. House of Representatives for the second time. However, the bill’s fate in the Senate is still unclear. If the proposed bill is signed into law, the Act would resolve conflicts between federal and state law that has continued to cause confusion for employers. However, state laws on medical and recreational marijuana use would still vary.

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2022 HR Compliance Calendar

2022 is off and running. Below are some critical dates that every employer should be aware of. All employers should confer with their CPA, Attorney and/or Financial Advisor in order to ensure they are in compliance.

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HR Audit Checklist

In 2022, HR compliance is not longer an option. With the government on a federal and state level [EEOC, OCR, DOJ, HHS, OSHA, HIPAA, Etc.] becoming more and more aggressive on their audits and civil/criminal penalties, employers must stay in compliance, as risk is no longer an alternative. Below is a list of items that every employer and HR professional must be aware of.

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What NOT to Include in Your Employee Handbook in 2022

Having and distributing an employee handbook is a required HR compliance practice. Not only will a well-written handbook introduce employees to your organization’s culture, mission and values, but it will also clearly define what’s expected of employees and what they can expect from your company.

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