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Below is the new Employee cost/compensation Policy. The costs for your new Employee will be deducted from your draw. By submitting the required information below, you are consenting to:

  • The costs (subject to change) involved with hiring the employee (itemized below).
  • The firm will provide your employee with a clean (new or wiped) dedicated Oberman Law Firm workstation that is under warranty (laptop/desktop).

Base/Minimum Computer Specs must include:

  • Windows 10 Professional (Windows 10 Home is NOT compliant)
  • i7 Processor
  • 512GB or higher
  • 16GB RAM
  • 3+ghz dual or quad core processor

***PLEASE NOTE – Do not buy Microsoft Office – the firm provides everyone with a Microsoft Office 365 license)

Anyone that has access to the Oberman Law Firm systems are required to sign the “Computer Systems Access Agreement” located on the forms portal. Therefore, no one is permitted to share a workstation (aka – shared or family computer).

Once we receive the required information below, we will send the draft employment agreement to you for approval. Once approved, we will send your employee candidate a “Welcome” email along with the employment agreement for signature and Cc you.


When determining compensation for this employee, please note that a growing number of localities and states prohibit questions about an applicant’s job salary history. Please check your state’s law or contact Employment Counsel (ec@obermanlaw.com) regarding same.

If you have any questions please reach out to Macy Cope (macy@obermanlaw.com) before completing the approval agreement below.

New Employee Approval Agreement