Oberman Law Firm



Oberman Law Firm helps a diverse spectrum of health care providers navigate the legal and regulatory challenges that affect the telehealth and teledentistry industry. Oberman Law Firm helps to assess and manage the risks that can arise in a telehealth setting.

We counsel our clients on all aspects of the law, and the developing regulatory landscape as they relate to telehealth, including:

  • Compliance with federal and state laws affecting the practice of telehealth
  • Considerations regarding corporate structures
  • Strategy regarding potential pathways for third-party reimbursement under federal and state health care programs and within the private payer market
  • Contract negotiations with providers, payers, and technology companies
  • Compliance with health care fraud and abuse laws (Stark, Anti-Kickback, etc.)
  • Professional liability risk management
  • Coordination with professional and trade associations regarding client challenges and priorities

Oberman Law Firm attorneys have an in-depth focus on the regulation of telehealth, mobile health, and health information technology, and are at the forefront of the development of regulatory challenges that face the telehealth industry.