Dental and Healthcare Acquisitions

A significant part of our health care practice involves representing clients in connection with mergers and acquisitions, as well as the formation and financing of new enterprises. For example,  our attorneys have been involved in conceiving acquisition structures to facilitate reimbursement, tax, accounting, business and other specific objectives while being ever mindful of statutory and regulatory compliance. We are experienced, creative and effective negotiators.

Oberman Law Firm is a leading law firm in the acquisition of healthcare practices, we are able to provide extensive guidance to our clients in the following areas:

– Corporate Structure

– Venture capital

– Regulatory and compliance (OSHA and HIPAA)

– Intellectual property

– Licensing & distribution

– Mergers & acquisitions

– Employment Law

– Privacy

– Joint ventures/Strategic alliances

Achieving Corporate Goals

Many of our clients engage in the joint venture or merger and acquisitions of dental and medical practice as an integral part of their corporate strategies. Due to our reputation for providing creative, efficient and effective solutions to our clients’ business and legal challenges, we have one of the leading merger, acquisition and joint venture law firms in the Southeast.

We have particular experience in simple and complex medical and dental mergers and acquisitions. These types of transactions often require expertise in many legal disciplines, such as tax, intellectual property, litigation, employee benefits, and real estate. To address the complexities of these transactions, we create multidisciplinary client teams that work together seamlessly and efficiently to complete the transactions.