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Justin Moriconi has a distinguished career spanning nearly two decades, marked by a diverse expertise portfolio that includes oil and gas litigation, regulated cannabis, commercial litigation, and business services. Mr. Moriconi’s commitment to excellence, an entrepreneurial spirit, and leadership have established him as a prominent figure in the legal landscape.

Mr. Moriconi’s proficiency extends across various legal domains, showcasing a deep understanding of:

  • Oil and Gas Litigation: Known for his acumen in navigating the complexities of oil and gas litigation, Mr. Moriconi has successfully handled a wide spectrum of cases, demonstrating a mastery of legal intricacies in the energy sector.
  • Regulated Cannabis: As a leader in the medical cannabis space, Mr. Moriconi co-chairs the Philadelphia Bar Association Medical Marijuana and Hemp Committee, and his expertise consists of consulting, formation, permitting, investment, expansion, and ancillary legal support for regulated cannabis organizations.
  • Commercial Litigation and Business Services: Mr. Moriconi excels in managing both small and large-scale business disputes, providing comprehensive services that encompass consulting, formation, permitting, investment, expansion, and related ancillary legal support.
  • Landlord/Tenant Matters: Mr. Moriconi’s legal prowess also extends to landlord/tenant matters, showcasing a holistic approach to real estate legal challenges.

Mr. Moriconi offers comprehensive legal services, ranging from consulting and formation to permitting, investment, expansion, and related ancillary support. Notably, Mr. Moriconi has successfully guided permittee applicants not only in Pennsylvania but also in Ohio, Massachusetts, Maine, and at the Federal level. In addition, Mr. Moriconi navigates complex adversary proceedings in the United States Bankruptcy Court for the Districts of Delaware and Pennsylvania, showcasing his ability to handle intricate legal challenges. In the expansive Marcellus Shale region spanning Pennsylvania and New York, Mr. Moriconi demonstrates proficiency in oil and gas litigation, trust petitions, and lease disputes.

Mr. Moriconi has emerged as a leader in the medical cannabis space, contributing to the legal community as the Co-Chair of the Cannabis Committee in Business Law at the Philadelphia Bar Association since 2016. Over the past five (5) years, he has cultivated expertise in medical and commercial cannabis, extending his influence nationally.

Justin Moriconi

Of Counsel




New Jersey


St. Joseph’s Preparatory School 1996

Clemson University 2000 (BA)

Widener University School of Law 2006 (JD)

Practice Areas

Oil/Gas Litigation, Regulated Cannabis, Commercial Litigation and Business Services, Landlord/Tenant

Speaking Engagements
  • Cannabis Insurance Markets, 2019 Reinsurance Symposium, The Institutes CPCU Society (March 15, 2019).
  • The Blunt Impact: Effects of Medical Marijuana on Employment Law and Workers’ Compensation Claims, Philadelphia Bar Association (December 20, 2018).
  • State of the Cannabis Union: Moving Out of Prohibition, Gratz College (December 12, 2018).
  • No Reasonable Doubt About It: Medical Marijuana is Here to Stay, Philadelphia Bar Association (Spring 2018).
  • Cannabis Banking…Is There Such a Thing?, Villanova University Charles Widger School of Law (Spring 2018).
  • Emerging Markets: Cannabis and Coverage Converge, Claims Litigation Management NYC Symposium (Winter 2017).
  • Regular Continuing Legal Education (CLE) on emerging trends in cannabis law on the state and federal level.
Media Coverage
  • Albright College Hemp Permit and Big Pharma LLC joint venture to bring hemp research to Pennsylvania (2019).
  • 250 Cannabis Law Experts, Databird Research Journal (November, 2018).
  • Frequently Quoted in Philadelphia Inquirer (Philly.com) on emerging cannabis and hemp markets.
  • It’s High Time for Restaurants to Pay Attention to Marijuana, Nation’s Restaurant News (February 1, 2018).
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