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Mississippi Issues Minimum Standards of Operation for the Practice of Telemedicine

The Mississippi State Department of Health has issued “Minimum Standards of Operation Relative to the Practice of Telemedicine,” which are new regulations governing the provision of medical and other health services via telehealth. The regulations require that provider organizations offering telehealth services in Mississippi first register with the Department’s Office of Licensure and prescribe the registration form to be used. The standards and registration requirements apply to all providers/organizations that practice telehealth in Mississippi.

Practitioners must ensure that the standard of care maintained for telehealth encounters is consistent with the standard of care applicable to in-person care. Practitioners must also ensure that the equipment and technology used for the telehealth encounter are adequate to meet the in-person standard of care.

Before a provider entity/organization can offer telehealth services in Mississippi, it must register with the Mississippi State Department of Health, using the Department’s Telemedicine Application for Registration. The Application requests information about the type of telehealth services offered and the providers that will perform the services. In addition, the registrant must provide proof of professional and general liability insurance and a copy of the Mississippi Secretary of State Business Services Form as evidence of the entity’s registration with the Secretary of State to conduct business in Mississippi.

The Application and all required documents must be submitted to the Mississippi State Department of Health, along with a check for $50. Registrations are valid for 24 months (from July 1 in the registration year through June 30 in the second year thereafter) and are renewable for successive 24-month terms. Registrations are not transferable; a change of ownership in the provider organization of more than 51% requires a new registration.

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