2021 Internal Audit Checklist (Dental Law Radio)

Making sure your HR policies and procedures are updated is essential to all dental practice owners. Host of Dental Law Radio, Stuart Oberman, offers a checklist that all dental practices should be reviewing in order to protect their practice and its employees. Some key areas of concern include having an updated employee manual that addresses bullying, workplace violence, cell phone and social media use policies, and more. 

Overview of Potential Employer Violations (Dental Law Radio)

Host Stuart Oberman discusses potential employee violations you might be violating without knowing. Many employers fail to include cell phone and social media use policies in their employee manuals, along with many other things. Mr. Oberman covers the basic questions employers may have, and covers potential employer violations.

Acquisition and Associate Contracts

Stuart Oberman joins Eric Morin on the Dental Wealth Podcast to discuss the fundamentals of acquisition and how to navigate associate contracts for ultimate scalability.

How to Avoid HR Problems (Dental Law Radio)

Covid-19 has changed many things for dental practice owners, including altering HR practices and procedures. The issues, regulations, and consequences of non-compliance are more complicated now than ever. Host, Stuart Oberman reviews the “must have” process needed to avoid HR problems.

Should My Staff Be Independent Contractors? (Dental Law Radio)

On this episode of Dental Law Radio, host Stuart Oberman discusses the question of whether to classify workers as independent contractors or not. The US Department of Labor released new guidelines that clarify standards of classifying workers as employees or independent contractors, and the dos and don’ts employers must abide by.

Whistleblower Employees (Dental Law Radio)

On this edition of Dental Law Radio, Stuart Oberman discussed problem employees who file complaints with OSHA and HIPAA, the preemptive actions a practice owner should take, how to handle the situation once a complaint has been filed, and much more. 

Teledentistry (Dental Law Radio)

On the premier episode of Dental Law Radio, host Stuart Oberman surveyed various modalities of teledentistry, regulatory issues, the risks of “store and forward” or asynchronous teledentistry, and much more.

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