Terminating the Dentist/ Patient Relationship

Many dentists struggle to terminate the dentist/ patient relationship. Reasons for termination may include the patient deciding to get dental implants from a different dental practice. Relationship termination can be crucial to practice risk management, but improper relationship termination can lead to legal trouble. The list below contains legal justifications for terminating the dentist/ patient relationship:
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Cyber Security in the Dental Industry

Cybersecurity needs to be taken very seriously within a business, especially with clients whose personal information is concealed on in-house systems. Below are a run down of the potential threats that may happen, but also bear in mind, having the right software in place from companies such as Sift can provide that extra protection.
Top 5 Current Cybersecurity Threats Include:
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HR Audit Checklist

The Hiring Process
– Accurate job description developed for all positions
– Job application submitted with required forms (background check, reference check, credit check release)
– Is your job application compliant with the law?
– Completed reference checks
– I-9 forms completed with proper identification
– Important medical information and emergency contacts gathered and filed
– Proper identification of independent contractors
– W-4 forms completed and submitted to the IRS
– Personnel files kept (and kept current)
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Cybersecurity Program Development

Cybersecurity Program Basics
An effective cybersecurity program will:
– assign responsibility
– identify information asset
– conduct periodic risk assessments
– implement security controls
– monitor effectiveness over time
– conduct regular effectiveness reviews
– address third party risks
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Top 10 Cyber Risks Facing Your Business

Within the past several years, technological advances have swept the business industry. The dramatic increase of technology used daily has drastically increased the importance of cybersecurity measures to protect private data. Lately, there has been an increase in hackers trying to obtain some of this valuable data. This has left many businesses trying to find the most secure applications to keep their data safe from these hacking accounts. Of course, this is often difficult to do as hackers have multiple different ways of getting inside access to a business. This is inconvenient, but it just means that businesses have to stay on top of their cybersecurity methods to keep these hackers out. One of the most popular ways for businesses to keep their data safe is by enhancing their protection by using security services offered by companies like Castle (https://castle.io/product/identity-aware-bot-detection/). Castle offers bot detection services that help businesses to find suspicious accounts that aren’t acting similarly to real customers. This then allows the business to block that bot, preventing a potential cyber attack. Unfortunately, this is how it is for online businesses nowadays. They have to pay a lot of attention to cybersecurity, ensuring they keep all of their confidential data safe from people who shouldn’t be accessing it.

The following list outlines some of the greatest threats in cybersecurity for a business, so make sure your company is aware of these issues to ensure you have protected yourself against them. The most common cybersecurity issues are:

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