Covid-19 Disability Accommodation Requests

With the uptick of Covid-19/Delta variant, employers are starting to see an increase in accommodation requests that would exempt employees from mandated vaccination requirements. The EEOC has released guidance in order to help employers navigate the unique challenges facing employers. Below are some of the points that employers should keep in mind. 
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What You Need to Know When You Terminate an Employee

In Stuart Oberman’s experience with clients, the biggest problem he sees with employee terminations is the absence of a plan, and more specifically, lack of documentation. In this episode of Dental Law Radio, Stuart outlines what a solid employee termination process should include to avoid the significant long-term costs caused by emotional, seat-of-the-pants actions.

A Checklist for Hiring New Employees

After hiring a new employee, it is crucial to follow a set of onboarding processes that involve an offer letter, a well written-employee manual, consent forms, and much more. In this Dental Law Radio episode, host Stuart J. Oberman discusses how missing steps and inadequate documents can lead to costly problems down the road.

Growing Your Practice Through Effective Leadership, with Eric Morin, Tower Leadership

In a few years, Eric Morin argues, few dental practices will have less than $1 million in revenues. In this era of consolidation, what enables a practice to acquire other practices and scale effectively? In this conversation with host Stuart Oberman, Eric argues that the answer gets down to great employees, and he discusses the management and leadership fundamentals needed to attract those people.

Employer Job Interviews and Covid-19 Questions

The hot question for dental practices seeking to hire is whether they can ask candidates about their vaccination status. The issue goes deeper than just a simple yes or no. As Stuart Oberman explains in this episode, he finds that HR is the biggest nightmare for dental practices, and that sloppy employer practices and documentation produce sweeping violations which go well beyond just one question in an interview. 

Must Have Covid-19 Policies for Employers (Dental Law Radio)

As Covid-19 cases continue to rise, so do the questions about handling Covid-19 policies for employees in your dental practice. Stuart Oberman discusses mandatory and non-mandatory vaccination policies, and how to handle requests for accommodations. Many people are turning to Google for Covid-19 manuals, however, it is best to seek legal help before taking any steps. 

The DSO Deal – What You Better Know (Dental Law Radio)

Within the next few years, it’s likely that 60% to 70% of all dental practices will be owned by a DSO. That’s what some industry observers are predicting, and if that’s the case, says host Stuart Oberman, you’d better understand the elements of what’s involved in an acquisition. From the letter of intent to the closing, Stuart covers the key highlights in this episode.

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