Health Care Medical Technology and Intellectual Properties

The interface between technology and the health care industry occurs on many levels. Technology can be used for electronic data transactions, the delivery of telemedicine services, creation of medical records, monitoring clinical research, generally reducing operational costs of managing an enterprise, or, perhaps most importantly, compliance with state and federal statutes and regulations. The creation or use of all medical technology involves intellectual property protection.  

As the health industry becomes more competitive, branding and creation of good will through product or service identity is very important, requiring protection of trademarks and service marks.

Our practice areas include all aspects of intellectual property and technology law, including, among other areas, patent, trademark, tradename, copyright, trade secret, and licensing law. We assist health care provider clients in connection with the acquisition and licensing of medical products, services, and technology, as well as assisting clients in connection with the development, protection, and commercialization of medical technologies.