Disrupting the Practice of Law 

At Oberman Law Firm, our modern law firm structure eliminates the inadequacies of a traditional law firm. We have the sophistication, experience, technology, and talent to deliver to our clients the highest quality legal work available. As a Firm, we focus on delivering long-term value instead of short-term profits.

Empowered Partners 

Our attorneys and team members are by far our greatest asset. As a Firm, our team is empowered to deliver extraordinary services to their clients without roadblocks like “Big Law.”


Our attorneys earn 2-3x’s traditional law firm compensation.

In addition, our attorneys earn as much as 10-15% of their client origination.

Our attorneys are highly compensated, and incentivized to build their own book of business, as well as set flexible and tailored client fee arrangements. While each attorney practice is different, and no one size fits all, our partners have the potential to earn 40-60% of the collections.