Provisions to Include in an Associate Contract

All dental associate contracts should include the following items:
1. Restrictive Covenants – protects confidential information including: patient source lists, referral source lists, non-competition within a geographic radius, non-solicitation of patient and referral sources, and non-solicitation of staff or services
2. Associate Compensation – dollar amount per month for full-time or a percentage of adjusted production
3. Discretionary and Other Bonuses – states the bonus formula based on productivity or quality and overall performance
– includes other bonuses pertaining to signing, relocation, and student loan
– states the predetermined period of time to remain with the practice to avoid repayment​
4. Expenditure of Time – defines the designated work schedule
5. Direct Business Expenses, Benefits, and Insurances – usually paid by the practice for full-time associates
6. Liability Insurance – states specified coverage limits
– usually paid for by the practice for full-time employees
– should cover the practice as a “named” insured
7. Vacations and Time Off – provides guidelines for paid or unpaid time off for each 12 months of the employment term (cumulative vs. non-cumulative, amount of notice needed, etc.)
8. Termination of Employment – includes discretionary termination provision without notice by either party for the first 6 months of employment and a notice provision