Estate Planning – Papers to Gather

As a business owner, your estate planning is crucial to address personal matters as well as business matters. Below is a list of important documents to organize:
– property titles
– bank/ brokerage account information
– retirement plans
– life insurance policies
– marriage certificates or divorce decrees
– pre- or post-nuptial agreements
– birth certificates
– previous years’ income tax returns (local,state, and federal)social security number
– auto, life, health, and disability insurance policies (include premium amounts and due dates)
– investment, checking, and savings accounts
– location, deeds, and mortgage information for all real estate
– debts owed or due (personal loans, auto loans, credit cards, charge accounts, notes payable, notes receivable from others)
– business agreements relating to corporations, partnerships, or sole proprietorship (location(s), name(s), buy/sell arrangements)
– employee benefit plan information (health, disability, retirement)
– names and phone numbers of persons to be notified in the event of your incapacity or death