Opening a New Business Timeline

10-12 Months Before Opening
• Create a thorough business plan
• Develop your business philosophy
• Determine all major expenditures and establish a budget
• Hire an attorney, CPA, and a broker
• Evaluate locations
7-9 Months Before Opening
• Determine your exact space and layout needs and narrow your list down to 2 or 3 potential locations
• Get estimates for remodeling needs and receive bids on leasehold improvements from experienced contractors
• Create a list of necessary equipment and other major expenditure
• Review business management software systems
• Evaluate potential loans and get a preliminary loan package
6-7 Months Before Opening
• Finalize your loan
• Choose your site location and sign the lease (after you review your lease with an attorney)
• Create a floor plan and layout and have a contractor begin modeling
5-6 Months Before Opening
• Put the finishing touches on the site’s interior
• Establish your hours of operation
• Have an attorney develop your office policy/ procedures manual
• Review and test different business management software
• Make a list of personnel needs
4-5 Months Before Opening
• Review the state’s business board requirements
• Have a web designer develop your business’s website
• Begin building your marketing strategy and working on your business’s SEO (social media marketing, booklet printing, email marketing, etc)
• Review telephone and answering systems and get a telephone number. You might also want to consider comparing a few different ip phone systems to work out if VoIP technology could enhance your business
• Make a list of vendor/ provider numbers
3 Months Before Opening
• Apply for a business permit, tax numbers, licenses, and staff privileges at hospital facilities
• Join local networking groups
• Order office furniture and equipment
• Order and set up a computer system and the business management software
• You could also buy some office supplies (stationary, pens, notepads, business cards)
• Contact an insurance representative and determine the insurance needed
2 Months Before Opening
• Advertise for staff position availability
• Establish a fee schedule and payment policies
• Apply for membership in insurance provider plans
• Arrange janitorial, maintenance, and uniform/ linen services
• Set up a system for accepting credit card payments
1 Month Before Opening
• Test computer equipment and ensure that they work properly
• Hire employees and begin training
• Set the Grand Opening date
• Place office opening announcements on your website and local publications
• Send office opening announcements in direct mail
• Have the office inspected by the necessary city and county official
• Open your business