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Emergency Management: Protocols

  1. Staff member calls the code for an emergency.
  2. Business Office Manager/ Receptionist activates the Emergency Management System, dismisses all patients, and waits for the arrival of the EMS Unit to escort them to the office.
  3. The doctor is the team leader who identifies and confirms the code assigning the appropriate staff to perform tasks.
  4. Staff members follow their responsibilities. Dental Assistant brings the emergency kit and oxygen, Hygienist brings the AED and the assigned team members begin CPR, if indicated. This team is known as the Rapid Response Team.
  5. The Rapid Response Team continues care until handed off to the EMS unit.
  6. A designated staff member notifies the patient’s family members. 
  7. Follow up with care by contacting the patient afterwards and assuring them their health is paramount and continued dental care will be provided when they are ready.
  8. Document all events comprehensively and immediately in the records.