Cybersecurity Program Development

Cybersecurity Program Basics
An effective cybersecurity program will:
– assign responsibility
– identify information asset
– conduct periodic risk assessments
– implement security controls
– monitor effectiveness over time
– conduct regular effectiveness reviews
– address third party risks 
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Top 10 Cyber Risks Facing Your Business

Within the past several years, technological advances have swept the business industry. The dramatic increase of technology used daily has drastically increased the importance of cybersecurity measures to protect private data. The following list outlines some of the greatest threats in cybersecurity for a business:
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Top 9 Reasons to Have an Employee Handbook

Many business owners become bogged down by paperwork and put off implementing (or even having) an employee handbook. However, an employee handbook is a vital tool in the smooth day-to-day operation of a business. The following list illustrates the importance of an employee handbook and gives business owners a reason to move employee handbooks to the top of their priority list. An employee handbook will:
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Recording a Comprehensive Medical History

Before any procedure, a dentist should always review the patient’s file and medical history. The medical history allows the dentist to move in a safe direction towards treatment. A patient’s medical history holds great importance in the informed consent process as the dentist explains how medical conditions may impact a patient’s safety. In addition, knowing a patient’s medical history allows the dentist to prevent adverse unexpected results.

A patient’s medical history should be updated every visit. Updates to the medical history records ever visit should include:
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