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Office Policy Manuals

Your Office Policy Manual should include sections on:
  • How to track work hours – no employee should be permitted to clock in or out for another employee
  • After-hours and overtime policy
  • Passwords – they should never be revealed to other employees
  • Forms that new employees should complete – Consent for Identity and Background Screening
  • Office Property – not for personal use
  • Petty cash policies
  • Keys – never to be duplicated or given to others; must be returned upon employment termination before final check is distributed
  • Office Technology – not for personal use
  • Zero tolerance for theft at any time
  • Define examples that may result in immediate termination of employment
    • false information or misrepresentation
    • breach of confidentiality
    • theft or dishonesty
    • conviction of a felony
    • misuse of office funds, equipment, computers, or telephone
    • punching the time clock for another employee
    • drug or alcohol abuse