Top 10 Practice Management Risk Areas

Review these 10 areas to decrease potential risks in your practice:

1. Do you have efficient check-in and check-out procedures, including guarding the patient’s protected health information, greeting patients when they arrive, and recognizing them when they leave?

2. Do you have comprehensive documentation on each interaction with the patient?

3. Do you regularly use informed consent forms?

4. Is there a system in place for triaging, documenting, and managing telephone calls and messages?

5. Are new techniques closely monitored when implemented in your practice?

6. Is equipment maintained regularly and documented? Is staff trained on the equipment to ensure safety?

7. Do you have procedures for handling medical emergencies in your office?

8. Do you have written policies for staff that address areas such as credentialing, evaluations, and job responsibilities?

9. Do you use a tracking system to identify when tests or consults are ordered and received?

10. Do you have guidelines when making referrals?