2018 Employee Manual Updates

The beginning of a new year marks a new wave of change, so start the new year off fresh by reviewing your employee manual. A lot can change over the course of a year between practice growth, technological innovation, and new labor law regulations.

Below is a list of some 2018 updates to consider for your practice’s employee manual:
  • Clarification of “employment at will” and business rights
  • Omission of language that may be considered unlawful by the National Labor Review Board
  • Social Media Policy updates
  • Workplace Recording Policy inclusion (if applicable)
  • Expansion of the Harassment and Discrimination Policy to include reporting methods
  • Clear and precise policies on overtime and working off-the-clock
  • Updated Benefits and FMLA policies
  • Employee Conduct Standards
  • Work and personal technology usage agreements
  • Department of Labor maternity and nursing mothers updates
  • Background check procedures
  • Drug testing policy updates