Cyber Breaches in Businesses – The New Frontier

Cyber security in a business is becoming more and more complicated. In fact, most businesses have little or no cyber security measures.

Hackers like to target small businesses because they know that a small business owner typically does not have the resources for more sophisticated (and more expensive) security defenses.
How can a business owner secure patient data in a digital world?


1. Set up and enforce a strict computer and Internet use policy that restricts employees from reading and downloading personal email while using an office computer.

2. Hire an experienced IT company to set up a strict firewall on your office network. If your business uses wireless, have the IT company hide your wireless network from public view.

3. Train your employees on how viruses infect computers with common user habits such as forwarding personal email messages and downloading computer wallpapers.

4. Keep all anti-virus and anti-malware software updated along with computer operating systems.

5. Always create strong passwords of more than 8 characters that use mixed-case letters and include numbers and symbols.

6. Keep business and home computing separate. Don’t use a laptop at home for fun and then bring it into the office for use on the business network. Business computers should strictly be used for business.



With the proliferation of cyber breaches in businesses, data security is no longer an option.


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