Players Continue To Receive Bad Advice

Recently, we have become aware of instances where professonal players have received some very bad business advice. Whether your professional career takes you to the juniors, minor leagues or to the big show, you have critical personal and professional questions that you most have answered by your business advisors.

As you engage in and continue with your professional career, below is a list of specific items that you should be aware of and consult regularly with your business advisors on:

Integrated Planning

•Tax planning and compliance

•Life and estate planning

•Estate, tax and financial plans

•Cost analysis

•Multi-generational planning

Lifestyle Management

•Bill paying and payroll

•Cash flow management

•Business and succession planning

•Property management

Risk Management

•Liability management

•Bank financing

•Insurance analysis and oversight

Data Aggregation

•Consolidated statements/analysis/ Partnership accounting

Philanthropy and Foundations

•Philanthropic mission

•Foundation management